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What is Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide Technology?
Hydremide Peroxide is a proprietary formulation of a peroxide based whitening gel made possible by a new Tri-Barrel delivery system. In fact, this is the only tri-barrel whitening gel system in the world.
There are desirable properties of peroxide based gels, but also many undesirable properties. Previously each desirable property created an undesirable property. Dr. Kurthy uses the following analogy – the perfect car:
The perfect car sells for only $15,000, yet it has more prestige than a Rolls Royce. It does 0-60 in only 3 seconds, yet it gets 100 miles per gallon. It carries 15 passengers and all their luggage, yet it fits in the smallest parking space.
The fact is that the perfect car doesn’t exist. It can’t, because the more of “this” that you want, the more of “that” you have to give up. The same is true of the properties of whitening products. The result is that peroxide whitening products have previously been a balancing act, with a series of compromises.
Dr. Kurthy found by separating the whitening gel chemistry into three barrels (instead of one or two), this allowed him to add additional components that are not compatible with storage when mixed with other components.
When combining Evolve’s unique continuous refrigeration of their full line of whitening products and the advantages of the new Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide system, the result is the ability to achieve the full list of desirable properties and eliminate all the negative properties. To learn about the science behind the Tri-Barrel Hydremide formulation, click here  to see the KöR Whitening scientific white paper.  To download the detailed scientific white paper regarding bleaching sensitivity click here .
The benefits of Dual Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide:
Half the in-office whitening time: The in-office portion of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching now typically takes only one in-office whitening visit instead of two. (Difficult cases such as tetracycline stains will require two in-office whitening visits)
Costs are significantly lower:By eliminating half of the in-office whitening portion of KöR Whitening, the material costs have gone down significantly.
Extreme effectiveness:–You’ve always heard about the amazing effectiveness of KöR, and with the intensified effectiveness of the new Tri-Barrel Hydremide system, the costs and chairtime necessary have been reduced, yet achieving the same amazing results.
Increases in effectiveness made possible because of refrigeration and the new Tri-Barrel delivery design:
100% aqueous base
- Increases breakdown rate of peroxide
- Increases thoroughness of breakdown of peroxide
- Forces production of more effective whitening ions and radicals instead of simply water and oxygen.
Neutral pH that stays neutral
- Increases breakdown rate of peroxide
- Increases thoroughness of breakdown of peroxide
- The breakdown of peroxide throws off hydrogen ions, resulting in increases in acidity down to a pH of 3. Tri-Barrel delivery has allowed the inclusion of a buffering system to maintain the proper pH throughout the application time.
Two types of acceleration systems
- The Tri-Barrel design provides the ability to use two different acceleration systems.
- Two effective acceleration systems combine to create amazing effectiveness of the breakdown of peroxide.
- The ability to utilize a pH buffering system allows the use of extremely effective chemical acceleration systems that would otherwise cause the creation of too much acidity.
Increased permeability of whitening gel
- Tri-Barrel design has resulted in the ability to formulate very low surface tension whitening gels that will not run off the teeth.
- The lower the surface tension of whitening gels, the greater the penetration of the teeth, and the greater the effectiveness.
Low Sensitivity: More effective whitening doesn’t have to mean higher sensitivity. In fact, it’s quite the opposite with the new Tri-Barrel Hydremide system.
Low sensitivity made possible because of refrigeration, the new Tri-Barrel delivery design, and amazing in-office and at-home desensitizers:
100% aqueous base
- MUCH lower osmolarity (compared to average anhydrous base gels) results in less force on dentinal tubular fluid, and therefore lower sensitivity.
Neutral pH that stays neutral
- MUCH lower osmolarity (compared to average gels with acidifiers added) results in less force on dentinal tubular fluid, and therefore lower sensitivity.
- The ability to add a pH buffering system to prevent whitening gel from rapidly becoming acidic during breakdown as hydrogen ions (acid) are thrown off.
Highly effective desensitizing system
- Unlike other major whitening systems, the KöR system utilizes desensitizers (both in-office and at-home) that plug dentinal tubules immediately, acting to prevent sensitivity instead of simply treating symptoms.
Higher profit: with less chairtime and lower costs, profit margins are even higher. Or if you prefer, fees charged to patients can be lowered, resulting in more patients saying “yes” to whitening.
Longer shelf life: You’ve already heard about our constant refrigeration of a full line of whitening gels, for the first time ever, resulting in dentists consistently receiving whitening gels that are still as effective as the instant they were manufactured. With refrigeration and the new Tri-Barrel system being able to keep more of the chemistry separated, the shelf life is now even longer.
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